Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Teen Book Festival is one month from today!
Saturday, May 14th! For information on attending please contact Dorothy Morehouse!

 Torrey Maldonado
will be there, will you!?

Torrey is the author of:
Secret Saturdays

Fun facts about Torrey:

*He loves chocolate SO MUCH that when he was in college he would buy nutty chocolate bars and hide them under his bed. He would wake up in the middle of the night, eat one, and then go back so sleep!

*Torrey was born and raised in the Red Hook Projects of Brooklyn, NY; the fact that he overcame the violence and poverty living there has greatly affected his writing and his outlook on life.

*He has taught in the NYC public school system for ten years

*On writing Secret Saturdays Torrey states: "I mixed my passion for writing and teaching and made Secret Saturdays, which can help young people better handle tough times and gives them an exciting read."

*He is very confident that no matter where he is, nobody in a five mile radius could beat him at handball or scrabble!

For more information on Torrey and his book, visit his website and his TBF page!