Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Teen Spot Changes

It's almost August and the Teen Spot is undergoing some rearranging! We have condensed the magazines into one section and moved the New books to under the CD's, where the magazines used to be. They are much more noticeable and organized now! We have also shifted the paperbacks to fill up the space where the New books used to be.

Once we have fixed the shelves we will be moving the fiction so it is easier to find and follow. It will start by the check out desk and go along the wall. Also, we are going to be taking the graphic novels (which are in high demand!) out of the nonfiction and giving them their own home across the room. Many of you have already expressed excitement with this change!

The "Suggestion Box" and other pamphlets can be found in between the Nonfiction and the paperbacks, so please give us some suggestions as to what you would like to see in the Teen spot!

Come in check out the new display by the windows! It's all about sports! "Keep your mind and body in shape this summer with a great sports book!" And don't forget, we now have a computer with public access to the Internet! So come join in all the new fun in the Teen Spot! Hope to see you soon!