Monday, March 28, 2011

Melissa Kantor

will be at the Teen Book Festival this year! Will you?

To sign up to go contact Dorothy Morehouse the Youth Services Librarian @ NPL!

Melissa is the author of...
Breakup Bible
Confessions of a Not-It Girl
Darlings are Forever
Girlfriend Material
I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?
The Amanda Project: Invisible

Some fun facts about Melissa:

 *Melissa is a capricorn

*She considers herself a terrible speller

*Her favorite all-time YA book is It's Okay if You Don't Love Me by Norma Klein

*Melissa's biggest regret from high school is that she spent too much time pretending to like things that the boys she liked enjoyed (such as Motley Crue and the Grateful Dead!)

*She was born in New York City in 1970

For more information about Melissa and her books please visit her super cool website, and her TBF page!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Who else will be at this year's Teen Book Festival?!!

Patrick Jones!

Patrick is the author of...
Chasing Tail Lights
Stolen Car
The Tear Collector
Things Change

Fun facts about Patrick Jones...

*Patrick is the only person to appear on the cover of School Library Journal with nipples showing

*Has been to every state and presented at a school or conference

*His dream job is to be writing for WWE

*His first book "While Things Change" took 17 years to write

*After High School he stayed home in Flint, Michigan and worked at the library while attending the University of Michigan

For more info on Patrick and his books, visit his website, and his TBF page!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ellen Hopkins
will be at this year's Teen Book Festival... will you!?!!?

The TBF is Saturday, May 14th! If you're interested in going contact Dorothy Morehouse, Youth Services Librarian @ the Newark Public Library!!!

Ellen is the author of:
Flirtin' With the Monster
She also has a new book coming out on September 13th, 2011 called... Perfect

Interesting facts about Ellen...

*She is nearly always up before dawn 

*She has seen Elvis in his underwear (he wore boxers... seriously!)

*Ellen once won a hot ski pants contest!

*She suffered through an abusive relationship for three years before she had the strength to break away; some of her experiences have influced her writing

*Ellen went on to find the love of her life in 1991; they got married and are living happily ever after

For more information on Ellen and her novels, visit her super cool website, and her TBF page!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Rachel Hawkins 
will be at this year's Teen Book Festival!!!

The TBF will be on Saturday, May 14th!

Rachel is the author of...
Demonglass (just released!)
and Hex Hall

Fun facts about Rachel:

She met Maya Angelou when she was 17... and it totally blew her mind!

She taught English for 3 years, and misses explaining Macbeth to people

Rachel once worked as a mime in a department store for 3 hours selling makeup... it wasn't a pleasant experience

She is hard at work on a brand new trilogy that will begin in Summer 2012 with the first book: Rebel Belle!!!

For more info on Rachel, visit her blog, and her TBF page!!!