Monday, April 18, 2011

Shari Maurer

will be at the TBF this year!!!

Shari is the author of:
Change of Heart

Fun facts about Shari Maurer:

* Shari met her husband when she was 17 while they were at sleep away camp!

* Shari's daughter was born with a heart defect (she is okay now), and that inspired her to co-write a nonfiction book for adults dealing with children who have heart defects.

*She got the idea for writing Change of Heart after she watched an episode of Dr. Oz that was about a teen girl who was in desperate need of a heart transplant.

* When she's really depressed she drinks Yoo-Hoo

*She has traveled to: Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Norway, Holland, Spain, Canada, France, Mexico, England, 6 Caribbean islands plus her honeymoon in Bermuda

* Shari used to work for International Sesame Street

For more info on Shari and her book, visit her neat website and her TBF page!