Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's take a look at 2010 Teen Book Festival Author

Holly Black

Holly is a New York Times Best Selling Author! She is popular for her Modern Faerie Tale Series which includes:


She also has a new book for Teens coming out in May called

White Cat

Some fun facts about Holly Black are...

*She has a hairless cat named Lily, and two other cats named Fizzgig and The White Cat (which came into her house while writing her upcoming novel!)

*She has a secret library in her home

*She lives in Massachusetts

*She is married; her husband's name is Theo

*Holly worked with her friend Tony DiTerlizzi on the childrens book series The Spiderwick Chronicles

*She graduated from The College of New Jersey where she studied English Literature

*She can touch her nose with her tongue!

For more information about Holly Black visit her page on the Teen Book Festival Website:


and her personal website: