Monday, February 07, 2011

Which other author will be joining us at this year's Teen Book Festival?

Kathleen Duey!

Kathleen is the author of...
Sacred Scars
and Skin Hunger

Some interesting facts about Kathleen...

*She lived at least 20 years of her life in cabins and tipis in the rocky mountains. She didn't have electricity and had to heat her bath water and cooking water on a wood stove.

*Kathleen loves to dance

*She left home at 17 and worked odd jobs for many years, but it was always her dream to be a writer
*She tries to write things that are meaningful and will make a difference in somebody's life

*She now lives in Southern California, is catching up on new technology, and enjoys her life as a writer

For more fun facts about Kathleen and her novels visit her website, and her TBF page!