Wednesday, January 05, 2011

It's time to get ready for the 2011 Teen Book Festival! The festival will take place on Saturday May 14th, 2011 @ Nazareth College in Rochester. Check the blog regularly for information about the visiting authors and the books they write!
Also, download this super cool checklist of authors and their most popular books. Keep track of what you've read and who you want to meet!

First on the list is...

James Barry
James the author of the Warriors series, and the Warriors Ravenpaw's Path series.

*He has a cat named Milo, who enjoys stealing erasers.  
*He enjoys anime
*James is a fan of drawing and illustrating comics
*He teaches an after school program for NYC students on comics and cartooning comics

Visit his website for more information and images of some of his illustrations. Also check out his TBF site!