Friday, January 14, 2011

Guess who else will be at the Teen Book Festival this year?

Heather Brewer

Heather is the author of the popular The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod vampire series:
Eighth Grade Bites
Ninth Grade Slays
Tenth Grade Bleeds
Eleventh Grade Burns
Twelfth Grade Kills

  • Heather lovingly refers to her fans as "minions"
  • Her natural hair color is strawberry blonde... and she hates it (currently it is black and purple)
  • She enjoys going to Renaissance Festivals in full costume (and character)
  • Heather is working on a new series called "Bloodbound"
  • She is having a custom made couch built for her office... it is made out of an actual coffin

Be sure to visit Heather's super cool website/blog, and her TBF page for more info on her and her works!