Saturday, July 17, 2010

And the winners are...

We held our Second Annual Pizza Taste Off during "Teen Time" on Friday, July 16th in order to determine which pizza place has the best crust, best sauce, best cheese, and which pizza is best overall.

Each teen got a piece of pizza from Wegmans, Marks, Pizza Hut, Pontillo's, Dominos, and BB's and rated the quality of the cheese, sauce, and crust.
We had a great turnout of about 12 teens from the community.

We would like to congratuate the winners...

Pontillo's... for having the best sauce
Wegmans... for having the best cheese
Dominos... for having the best crust
and we offer special congratulations to Pizza Hut for having the best overall pizza in the taste off!!!

Thank you to all who came, and especially to Pizza Hut, Pontillo's, Wegmans, Dominos, Mark's, and BB's who made this program possible!

Remember to check the E-Calendar for more exciting "Teen Time" programs!
Also- check back next week for pictures from this super fun event!