Monday, May 10, 2010

Who else are we going to meet on SATURDAY at the Teen Book Festival?!?

Vivian Vande Velde

Vivian is the author of over fifteen novels for young adults. Some of these are...
All Hallows Eve
Now You See It
Never Trust a Dead Man
Remembering Raquel
Dragon's Bait
Witch Dreams
Magic Can Be Murder

Some fun facts about Vivian are...

*She was born in Rochester in 1951, and has lived there almost her entire life

*Her parents taught her to speak French before they taught her to speak English, but she had forgotten most of the French by the time she went to school so it wasn't all that helpful

*The first book she wrote was A Hidden Magic. She sent it to 33 different companies to get published, only 1 of them accepted!

*She had to have braces on her teeth twice

*In high school when she had to give speeches for class she would practice her speeches by reading them to her stuffed animals

To learn more about Vivian visit her TBF page:
or her personal web-page: