Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you ready to meet

Ben Mikaelsen

at the Teen Book Festival??

Ben is an accomplished children's and teen author! His books for teens include:
Tree Girl
Touching Spirit Bear
Sparrow Hawk Red
Rescue Josh McGuire
Red Midnight
Ghost of Spirit Bear

Some interesting facts about Ben are...

*When a child is crying, he likes to use magic tricks to distract them

*If he hadn't become a writer, he would have liked to become a stand-up comedian

*Ben has been been on a four month trip to South America, has flown over the North Pole, and has been swimming with dolphins!

*He has been on Jack Hannah's Animal Adventures on national television!

*Ben lives in a log cabin in Montana

*He adopted a black bear 25 years ago and raised it as his pet. Her name is Buffy and she is 7ft tall and weights over 700 pounds! Once, when Ben was getting a speeding ticket, Buffy reached out the car window and took the pad of paper away from the officer and ate it! The officer ran away and forgot about the ticket!

^Buffy the Bear!^

For more information about Ben (and Buffy) visit his TBF webpage:
and his personal website:


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