Monday, March 08, 2010

Who else are we going to meet at this year's Teen Book Festival?

Ellen Hopkins

Ellen is a very accomplished author of Teen novels! She has written:

Flirtin' With the Monster

She has a new book Fallout which is coming out on 9/14/2010, and will complete the story she started in Crank and continued in Glass. She also has another book, Perfect, planned to come out in 2011!

Some interesting facts about Ellen are...

*She loves to garden, but hates getting dirt under her nails, and hates wearing gardening gloves!

*The character "Kristina" from Crank and Glass is loosely based off of Ellen's real-life daughter's story of addiction to crystal meth

*She was adopted at birth by an older couple; her father was born in 1883, and her mother was born in 1912

*She grew up in Palm Springs, CA and lived in the same neighborhood as Elvis Presley, Arnold Palmer, Kirk Douglass, and Bob Hope!

To learn more about Ellen Hopkins and her books, visit her TBF page:

and her personal website: