Monday, March 22, 2010

Patrick Jones!

is another author that will be joining us at the Teen Book Festival this May!

Patrick often writes about themes that teens can relate to, such as: fitting in, relationships, friendship and life struggles. He is the author of:

Chasing Tail Lights
Stolen Car
Things Change
The Tear Collector

Some fun facts about Patrick are...

*He is the only person who has been on the cover of School Library Journal with their nipples showing.

*He used to be a librarian for teens

*In 2006 he received two lifetime achievement awards; one from the American Library Association, and the other from the Catholic Library Association

*He has been to all fifty states

*It took him nearly 17 years to write his first novel Things Change!

To learn more about Patrick Jones and his novels visit his page on the TBF website:
and his webpage: