Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't pass up the chance to meet author

Matt de la Peña

at this year's Teen Book Festival!!!

Matt is the author of several great books geared towards teens:

We Were Here
Mexican White Boy
Ball Don't Lie

Some fun facts about Matt and his books are:

Ball Don't Lie will soon be a major motion picture. Some people you may have heard of in it are... Ludacris and Nick Cannon! Make sure you read it before the movie comes out!

*He wasn't a major "reader" until college, when he read
The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

*His dream car is a black Honda Accord

*When he was younger he had a dog named Peanut

*He has a MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree in Creative Writing from San Diego State University

*He got his undergraduate degree from the University of the Pacific; there he received a full athletic scholarship for basketball

*Right now, he lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches Creative Writing

To learn more about Matt de la Peña visit his Teen Book Festival page:
or his personal page: