Friday, July 18, 2008

Teen Time

So you picked up the Summer Reading calendar and you saw that Thursday afternoons was a program called "Teen Time". Did you then wonder what "Teen Time" was? The answer may surprise you.

"Teen Time" is designed as a specific time for teens, going into grade 6 and up, to come to the library. During this hour time block, we will have a variety of activities for teens. Last night, we had an ice snack, a small craft and a game of Monopoly. Next week we are thinking of playing a card game. We might have another small craft.

The idea of "Teen Time" is to have a time where you can come hang out, see your friends, talk about what you are reading or listening to and what you might like to see the library purchase.

So stop by next Thursday from 4pm to 5 pm for "Teen Time"