Monday, July 07, 2008

summer reading prizes

Remember that you can keep track of your summer reading using our online program. This is the link. To collect your prizes, see the staff person in the Teen Spot.

Four every four (4) hours that you read this summer, you can get a "prize!" Did you know that you can save up your prizes for a bigger prize? So instead of taking fourteen (14) small prizes, you can add up your "prizes" and get a coupon for a small frosty from Wendy's. Likewise, instead of taking twenty six (26) small prizes you can add all your "prizes" into a new book.

We also have prizes from McDonald's, Arcadia Sports, Bee-Tee's and Walmart as well as small prizes like rings, pens, and more temporary tattoos than you can imagine. Keep up the reading and get to the Teen Spot soon!