Thursday, January 03, 2008

Finding us on MySpace

If you want to be the library's friend on MySpace but don't remember the link below and you can't find us by doing a people search, here are two quick ways to find us!

1. On the top blue banner of the MySpace homepage, make sure the drop down menu on the right side says "MySpace", then type in Newark Public Library. From there we should be approximately the third or fourth one down.

2. If you click on the search option between 'browse' and 'invite' and want to use the find a friend option, make sure you are searching using the 'display name' option.

~Make sure to include the word 'public' in both of these searches, or you might end up being friends with the Newark library in California. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, per say!

If you any any other thoughts or ideas, let us know!