Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Join the Summer Reading Program!

Books: a Treasure!, the 2006 New York State Summer Reading Program registration begins Monday, June 26th.
Teens are invited to participate in this program and win a variety of great prizes!

Books: a Treasure! is celebration of all things book. No matter how you look at it, books are a treasure. They take us away from daily concerns; they fly us to countries we may never see in person. They show us the many facets of wonder – in nature, in science, and in humankind’s capacity for courage and kindness. They introduce us to friends we will have for life. Whether becoming wild about Harry, folding cranes with Sadako or admiring the courage of Despereaux, reading (or listening to someone else read) constitutes our introduction to a world of wonderful characters and people.

Keep track of your reading online by registering for the program at


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